A.1936 au musée du tram vicinal


Current state :


First and second class trailer, with two axles, for the electric trams operation, built in 1908 by Seneffe workshop. This trailer model forms a homogeneous train with the motor cars called « Manage », such as the A.9288 from our museum. The first class was materialised by removable velvet cushions which had to be moved to the rear compartment at each terminus.

The A.1936 ran in the Center region (La Louvière) until 1936. In 1978, the wooden body was saved by the ASVi while it was used as a chicken coop in a garden of Waterloo ! 

The frame, placed under the body, was partly rebuilt by our volunteers, based on an old ladder-wagon, used for the overhead line maintenance. It was completely restored by our organisation in the early 1980s.

Technical specifications :


Ateliers de Seneffe

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